Mar 6


Shane Cross was and always will be the friendlyest person that I ever knew.

The very first time I met Shane was at Martin Place. Shane and Jake Duncombe were down for some weird skate comp at maroubra and people had been talking about this Shane dude that was doing salad grinds and all kinds of tricks on the rail first go in his comp run and was super good. 

All the Sydney Killself crew were skateing at Chifley with Shane and Jake and we ended up taking them upto the Martin rail.

Straight away Shane was grinding the rail first go, no wood, 50-50, 5-0, front sal. All so easy and effortless, which was the same session that Chima does Fakie flip and Nollie flip down the martin stairs in his Killself part. From there a crew of two cars was sorted out and thank god I was invited to come because I was the only one with a camera to film them. 

We went to Ryde rails where I had never been more amazed by someones skateboarding in my entire life.

He was doing everything first go down the big rail, even grinding the first rail and then the second, easy.

Everyone there that day knew Shane was something different and was gonna go far, he was unstoppable. And that was just on the skateboard…

Off the skateboard he was even more amazing…

One memory that stands out the most is probably a month after that day, one night I saw him out, I thought he probably wouldnt remember me so I just stayed quite. But to my surprise as soon as he saw me he was all smiles and super excited greeting me with arms wide open, so happy and full of love.

From there we would hang out at the Globe Worlds Cups and talk on the phone but sadly, I never got to see Shane all to often once he really started to get noticed and sent around the world, we would meet up when we could when he was in Sydney and didn’t have to go out shooting photos and have a little skate at Martin Place laughing and doing fun tricks having the time of our lives, “Shane check this!” “Getrad, watch this!” 

The last time I saw Shane before his death would probably have been about over a year before hand, and to this day the length of not seeing him once between his passing upsets me more than anything. I wish I could have seen him some how while I had the chance, I wish I could have hugged him while I had the chance, I wish I could have told him how much I loved him while I had the chance. I miss him so much, he was the best dude ever and it still makes me cry to this day that he is not with us.

What Shane’s passing has taught me and that I want to pass on to as many people as I possibly can, is to show love to all your homies all the time. You dont relise how important someone is in your life until they are gone. Give your bro a hug, tell him how much he means to you, because one day you wont have the chance. 

Hand shakes are for Strangers!

The world has truly lost a one of a kind, not in our lives will there ever be another Shane Cross.



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